Tyent MMP 11-Plate Water Ionizer


  • 20% higher Turbo pH levels
  • 20% lower Turbo acidic levels
  • 20% better ORP levels
  • 40% faster Flow rate


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The upgraded Tyent Under Counter Extreme 11 boasts the following great features:

11 Plates – These plates are the same size and quality, but there are 2 more of them
10 amp SMPS – This took us 1.5 years to design and it has over 20% more power than the 9 plate models.

The Tyent MMP 11-Plate Water Ionizer is undoubtedly one of the top ionizers on the market, depending on your needs. This water ionizer is a product registered as ‘a medicinal substance-producing equipment’ on the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) due to its strict quality control and system, and can easily generate abundant alkali water and acid water.

Phi water type purifying filters

The filters consisting of the 1st high efficient filters and the 2nd functional filters realize the best clean water status fitted to serviced water. The first filter is the Primary Active Carbon Filter (ACF). This filter filters relatively large suspended matter like rust and dregs, residual chlorine in water, and volatile organic compounds. The second filter is a composite ceramic filter. It is broken down into 3 parts:

  • M ceramic: keeps the balance of ions. It is anion ceramic
  • P ceramic: It has plenty of inorganic minerals and gives good heat conductivity, and dissolves nutrients well to convert into the ingredients for human body to react well. Thus, it improves metabolism of human body.
  • K ceramic: It has plenty of mineral and makes water stable because this ceramic has been baked from the clay fermented by TM.

The filters have a 3,600 litre cycle (equivalent to 6 months) by the standard of the passing water quantity of 20 litres a day. Filter change cycles are designed to be displayed by voice guides and LCD icons to be easily known.

Product Features

The easy to follow touch screen operation means that you always get the water that meets your requirements. With the simplicity of pushing one button, your water begins to flow out, making it easy to quench your thirst. The color coded display means that you get the PH that you want. Along with comprehensive display panels, the Tyent 7070 also has a voice guided service to further enhance use-ability, while ensuring maximum safety.

High tech materials such as Platinum and Titanium extend the life of the system and increase that rate of hydrogen generating. At the same time these materials give the Tyent MMP 11-Plate Water Ionizer a longer life span and lower the need for maintenance or repairs.

Fully Computerized

State of the art micro chip technology means that all processes are automatically undertaken under close scrutiny and all steps are optimized according to the conditions of your water. Flow rate and the cleanliness of the water are all measured and calculated instantaneously, meaning that everything is done for you.

Because all power flows are monitored separately, power is supplied safely throughout the process meaning that you can use the system with confidence. Whether you require a water filtration system that provides the high PH levels needed in industry or the purity and cleanliness you want from your drinking water, the Tyent MMP 711-Plate Water Ionizer will make a welcome addition to your home or place of work.


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